Positive Pinoy: my personal journey with HIV.

I was diagnosed last March 29, 2012 in a time that I was supposed to leave the country in a couple more weeks. I had my medical exam, and the result returned POSITIVE. From then on, my journey with HIV began.

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What's New?: gateway to useful links on local and international news and updates about HIV.

A summary collection of medical articles, research news, and science breakthroughs on HIV/AIDS, STIs, and other related diseases.

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HIV 101: Basic information for the newly-diagnosed.

Understand the basics, know the facts, and take care of yourself. This section contains basic information about HIV/AIDS.

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Social Media: going viral against HIV/AIDS and other STIs.

The entrance of social media in spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS has gone viral. Famous personalities and the common man alike showed their support not just to HIV education but also with regards to the lives and struggles of the LGBT community.

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Health Events: listing of wellness and advocacy events for HIV-positive individuals and friends.

This section contains a summary listing of knowledge-sharing events on HIV, mass HIV testing, and other wellness events that will strengthen the overall health of HIV-positive individuals.

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72) BB Gandanghari denies he has AIDS (ABS-CBNnews.com)

MANILA – BB Gandanghari, who is formerly known as actor Rustom Padilla, admitted he was hurt when he learned about the speculations that have swirled when he was recently hospitalized.

Various rumors arose after his brother, action-star Robin Padilla, posted a picture of him at a hospital bed saying Gandanghari has a “very serious infection.”

In an interview with “The Buzz” on Sunday, Gandanghari set the record straight that had a urinary tract infection (UTI) and not HIV/AIDS.

“Hindi kasi ako nagbabasa. Nakakarating na lang sa akin. Sabi kasi may AIDS daw. But the thing is, I’m not even promiscuous. Ang masakit doon, parang nire-relate na porket I came out as gay, parang kailangan may AIDS na,” he said.

Gandanghari said it hurts him that some people relate being gay to promiscuity.

“Hindi ho sakit ng gays or transsexuals or trangenders ang AIDS because sakit iyan ng promiscuous na tao, whether gay or straight,” he said.

According to Gandanghari, he was suffering from a serious case of UTI possibly brought by his extreme workouts in the past few weeks.

“I think it was because of the dehydration. Before that, I was really working out too much kasi I would do zumba, yoga, running because I want to maintain (my weight) and then hindi ako umiinom ng tubig,” he said.

Gandanghari said he does not regret getting ill as it paved the way for him and Robin to patch things up.

Gandanghari related it was Robin who first visited him at the hospital among his siblings.

He said it also made him feel better since, for the first time, Robin addressed him as "BB," which he considers a turning point in their renewed ties as siblings.

Source: ABS-CBNnews.com, July 14, 2013