Positive Pinoy: my personal journey with HIV.

I was diagnosed last March 29, 2012 in a time that I was supposed to leave the country in a couple more weeks. I had my medical exam, and the result returned POSITIVE. From then on, my journey with HIV began.

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What's New?: gateway to useful links on local and international news and updates about HIV.

A summary collection of medical articles, research news, and science breakthroughs on HIV/AIDS, STIs, and other related diseases.

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HIV 101: Basic information for the newly-diagnosed.

Understand the basics, know the facts, and take care of yourself. This section contains basic information about HIV/AIDS.

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Social Media: going viral against HIV/AIDS and other STIs.

The entrance of social media in spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS has gone viral. Famous personalities and the common man alike showed their support not just to HIV education but also with regards to the lives and struggles of the LGBT community.

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Health Events: listing of wellness and advocacy events for HIV-positive individuals and friends.

This section contains a summary listing of knowledge-sharing events on HIV, mass HIV testing, and other wellness events that will strengthen the overall health of HIV-positive individuals.

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22) Controversial HIV and AIDS ads

Since the first recording of AIDS in the early 1980s, one would expect that more people would become aware of the disease, and at the same time, would take safety precautions with their actions.

Numerous ad campaigns have been launched here and abroad in an attempt raise awareness regarding HIV/AIDS. But how effective were these campaigns? Some of these ads have even received mixed reviews. From being controversial to being way over the top, what's your take on these ads?

AIDS makes us equal.

This French campaign stands out since most people are big fans of superheroes. It's easily noticeable, and a true attention-grabber. The message conveys that HIV/AIDS makes us all equal. No one is excused no matter what our status in life is. Neither Superman nor Superwoman is even safe.

The ad struck me personally because as a nurse for more than three years, and a running enthusiast as well, I never thought that I would get infected as I have always looked and felt healthy. Again, no one's safe anymore.

Each time you sleep with someone, you also sleep with his past.

This Canadian ad of Bristol-Myers Squibb was executed by BleuBlancRouge. This ad was chosen by the company to raise public awareness of risky sexual practices.

If the past is interfering with your relationship: check-your-lovelife.ch

1. No intercourse without a condom.
2. No sperm or blood in the mouth.

This is a campaign by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health and the Swiss AIDS Federation. Check-your-lovelife.ch is an online site which provides basic information on HIV/AIDS, and it also contains their group's archive of previous ad campaigns.

AIDS is a Mass Murderer.

These German ads on AIDS was condemned by European HIV charities when they were released in 2009. The video and poster ads featured the lookalikes of Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Joseph Stalin . It initially shows blurred clips of a couple having sex. Before the end of the clip, the man is then revealed to be Hitler, and a tag line is flashed: AIDS is a mass murderer.

But of course, the tag line refers to the fact that nearly 30 million people died from AIDS-related causes since the beginning of the epidemic.


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  1. Scary. But sometimes, we need to get scared a bit para mag-comply. Dapat may ganito ding klase ng ads sa pilipinas.

  2. hi tom! people have different opinions about this. i was told by somebody in twitter that some ads posted here provoke fear, which is not good daw. personally, abstinence is not realistic. so maybe, for me, condom use is really necessary.

  3. Great Blog! These pictures are hard to come by and your take on them is educational and informative! Thanks!


  4. Hi Mario! Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this entry. :-)

  5. This is so true... im 16 and im advocate of anti-hiv and safe sex. My sister is my reason.. i never did the "deed" or should i say yet, but its better if we start teaching the youngster with this kind of ads...

    -sed m.

  6. Very true. Please continue with your advocacy as it will surely help lots of people, particularly the youth. Thank you for that. :-)

  7. Nice ads! Well done for great research! I love reading your blog and really appreciate your advocacy of spreading information and education about HIV and AIDS.

    email me if you need inquiry medical related or even just anything...


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